Features Application Apache Pig

Let’s study about Features Application Apache Pig to make use of it in the projects.

Features of Apache Pig

The Features of Apache Pig are as follows,

1. Rich set of operators

Apache pig has a rich collection set of operators in order to perform operations like join, filer, and sort.

2. Ease of Programming

Pig Latin is similar to SQL so it is very easy for developers to write a Pig script. If we have knowledge of SQL language, then it is very easy to learn Pig Latin language as it is similar to SQL language.

3. Optimization opportunities

In Apache pig has automatically optimized  execution of the task gets by itself, hence the programmers need to focus only on the semantics of the language.

4. Extensibility

Using the existing operators in Apache pig, users can develop their own functions to read, process, and write data.

5. User Define Functions (UDF’s)

Apache Pig provides the facility to create User-defined Functions easily in other language like java then invoke them in PigLatin Scripts.

6. Handles all types of data

Apache Pig analyzes all types of data like structured, unstructured and semi-structured. It stores the results in HDFS.

7. ETL (Extract Transform Load)

Apache Pig extracts the huge data set, performs operations on huge data and dumps the data in the required format in HDFS.

Application of Apache Pig

The applications of Apace pig are,

* It is used to process huge data sources like web logs, streaming online data etc.

* It Support Ad Hoc queries across large data set.

* Used to perform data processing in search platforms.

Example Yahoo uses Pig for 40% of their jobs including news feeds and search engine.

* It is also used to process time sensitive data loads. Example twitter data

i.e Analyze the data to find patterns in customer behaviors and make recommendations immediately like trending tweets.

* Apache Pig is generally used by data scientists for performing tasks like ad-hoc processing and quick prototyping.



 “That’s all about the Features and Application of Apache Pig. It is one of the best frame works in Hadoop”