Advantage Disadvantage Apache Pig

Let’s study about core Advantage Disadvantage Apache Pig

Advantage of Apache Pig

* Pig Latin is easy to program.

i.e 5% of the code required 5% of the time.

* The biggest advantage of Apache pig is, it decreases the development time.

* It can manage more complex data flows.

i.e In Apache pig by using join operation we can separate multiple inputs and transform to   outputs.

* Apache pig used to operates on the client side of a cluster.

* It has less number of lines of code by using multi-query approach.

* It supports reusing the code.

* Pig is one of the best tools to make the large unstructured data to structured data.

* Pig is very easy to learn read and write if you are familiar with SQL.

* It is open source software.

* It enjoys all the facilities offers by Hadoop like parallelization, fault-tolerance with many relational database features.

* It is procedural programming language so that we can control the execution of each and every step.

Disadvantage of Apache Pig

* It has slow start-up and clean-up of MapReduce jobs.

i.e It takes time to schedule MR jobs in Hadoop.

* It is not suitable for interactive OLAP Analytics.

“That’s all about the Advantage and disadvantage of Apache Pig. It is a best frame work for multi query and complex query execution”.