Use Cases Apache Kafka

Let’s study about the Use cases of Kafka in detail,

1. Metrics

Kafka aggregates data from different applications and networks to obtain single main data. It is a best monitoring tool in operational data and data pipelines. For example Ganglia ( scalable distributed monitoring system) and Graphite

2. Log Aggregation Solution

It is mainly used to collect data log from many services and make available in a standard format to multiple consumers in many organisations.

3. Stream Processing

Apache Kafka is the best tool in stream processing like, it read data from a topic, processes it, and write processed data to a new topic where it becomes available for users and applications.


context of stream processing.

4. Messaging

* Kafka works best on messaging because it is the primary task of Kafka. It replaces the traditional systems like RabbitMQ.

* It provide best solution for large-scale message processing applications by providing better throughput, built-in partitioning, replication, and fault-tolerance.

5. Web site Activity Tracking

*The Kafka is a good website activity tracker.

* It will track every page visit like each and every URL can be found by Kafka and search activity like page views is done perfectly by this web tracker.

6. Commit log

It replicate the log file information between nodes and acts as substitutes for the broken nodes in distributed systems.

7. Event Sourcing

Kafka is an excellent back end applications for event sourcing and also support to store very large log data.


Who uses Kafka?


who uses kafka1/3 of the Companies are using Kafka like LinkedIn, twitter, Uber, Cloudflare, square, paypal, spotify, cisco, Netflix and Datadog etc.

“That’s all about the Use cases, for more information read our next article Application of Kafka”