Importance of Java in Apache Kafka Partition

Let’s understand the Importance of Java in Kafka and Partition in Kafka,

Importance of Java in Kafka

Importance of java in Kafka* Apache Kafka is written in pure java language and also Kafka’s native API is also written in java language.

* The contribution of other languages like .Net, C++, Python is also there in the Apache Kafka.

* Because of java platform in Kafka there is no need of using a third-party library.

* The writing code in other languages apart from Java is little bit overhead.

* High processing standard rates came into picture in kafka due to Java.

* Java provides a good community support for Kafka consumer clients.

” Therefore we can say that java is a right choice to implement Kafka”

Partition in Kafka

What is Partition?

Broken Pieces of Topic is called as Partition.

Partition in kafka

* Partitions are used to scale Kafka across many server.

* It made path easier for parallel consumers.

* Partitions are distributed and replicated across the brokers.

* It consist of messages with offsets (unique number), as show in the below diagram.

partition offset

* Records in the partition are immutable (unmodified) nature.

* Consumers can read data from any position (offset) in a partition and we can move forward or back.

* Kafka ensures strict ordering within a partition i.e. consumers will receive in proper order which a producer published the data.

Distributing partitions across nodes

Distributing partitions across nodes

In Kafka partition, data is distributing across multiple machines as shown in the above diagram.

Primary partition: In the above diagram 2 partitions per node example,

Node 1 – P1,P3

Node 2 – P2, P4.

Replica placement: From the above diagram one replica for each partition since the factor is 2.

Node 1 – P2,P4

Node 2 – P1, P3

“That’s all about the partition in Kafka, i hope the concept is clear”