Apache Kafka Popular

Let’s see Why Kafka is very popular,

Why Kafka is very popular?


* Kafka is very easy to set up and use.

*  Apache Kafka build real-time streaming data pipeline made Very much popular in Bigdata Domain.

* Kafka has few key Features to improve the popularity like,

  • Stable – Secure and fast moving of huge data set
  • Reliable – Trusted transferring data system
  • Durability – Without damage it will carry the data
  • Flexible Pub-Sub Messaging or Queue System – scales well with N-number of consumer groups.
  • Robust Replication – Make extra copy of original data
  • Tunable Consistency Guarantees
  • Ordering Preserved at shared level

* It has the capability of handling huge data due to horizontal scalability.

* Kafka is very popular because of its excellent performance in case of throughput and latency.

* Kafka works well with data stream systems to process and enables the systems to aggregate, transform, and load stream of data into other stores.

*It is an open source software without paid we can use in our applications.

* Apache Kafka has Record retention capacity i.e it will keep all records until it runs out of disk space.

* Kafka enables in-memory micro services i.e. actors, Akka

* Kafka has scalable Message Storage system.

* It Supports many programming languages like, C#, Java, C, Python, and Ruby.

* Integration is very easy due to REST proxy via HTTP and JSON.

* Kafka also supports Avro Schema. i.e support clients to read and produce complex records in many programming languages and allow for the evolution of the records.

“That’s all about the Kafka popularity, i hope above points impressed beginners to learn in depth on Apache Kafka”