Apache Kafka Advantage Disadvantage

Let’s have a look on Apache Kafka Advantage Disadvantage.

Kafka has both Strength and weakness, strength improve the popularity and weakness show the way for future enhancement.

Advantage of Apache kafka

Advantage of kafka

*  Kafka can handle huge volumes of data and it is highly reliable system, fault tolerant,  and scalable.

* It is a distributed publish-subscribe messaging system i.e brokers which makes better compare to other message brokers like JMS, RabbitMQ, and AMQP.

* Kafka can handle high-velocity real-time data unlike JMS, RabbitMQ, and AMQP message brokers.

* Apache Kafka is a highly durable system as the data is persistent and cannot be replicated.

* Kafka can handle messages with very low latency.

* It made access to data for any team becomes easier due to centralized data system.

* Reduces the need for multiple integrations i.e harvest data from different systems, you only have to create one integration with Apache Kafka for each producing system and each consuming system.

* Apache Kafka acts as a buffer so no worry of system crash.

Disadvantage of Apache kafka

Disadvantage of kafka

* Kafka don’t have complete set of management and monitoring tools, so Startup companies fear to use Kafka for long run.

* It is facing issues with message modification i.e performance is reduced during modification.

* It does not support wildcard (don’t have any particular value) topic selection.

* Compression and de-compression of data flow in the pipeline affects throughput and performance.

* It starts to behaving uncoordinated and slow, when the number of queues in a Kafka cluster increases.

“That’s all about the Advantage and Disadvantage of Apache kafka”