Learn Apache Kafka Tutorial

Apache Kafka Course Introduction

Apache Kafka is an open source distributed publish-subscribe messaging system and stream processing software platform built on hadoop to handle high volume of data. Written in Scala and Java.

It is widely used by the top companies like TwitterLinkedInNetflixMozilla and Oracle for it unique nature like fast, scalable, and durable.

prerequisites to learn Apache kafka

  • Basic knowledge on core java and Scala.
  • Hadoop knowledge is highly recommended.

Where Apache Kafka can help?

Problem: As we know current technologies like IoT Devices, Applications, Web and social medias are generating Huge data for each second. In this situation we need a channel to to store, process and analyze data in Bigdata hadoop.

Why Kafka

Solution: Apache Kafka is the solution for the above problem, as we know kafka is a fast, scalable, and durable publish-subscribe messaging system.

Kafka has a solution