Core Java Interview Popular Topics

Core Java Interview Popular Topics. Core Java play most important role in your interview whether you are fresher or experienced or even you working on java related technologies.

Bellow are the topics which need to focus on when you are preparing for a Java interview and these topics are written after lot of research. These question are arranged with increasing order of complexity of questions.

  1. JVM internals
  2. Basic Data Types, Conventions, Operators and variables in java
  3. Control Statements in java.
  4. Classes and objects
  5. Inheritance
  6. Polymorphism
  7. Abstraction
  8. Encapsulation
  9. Interfaces
  10. Streams, Files and I/O in java.
  11. Strings concept
  12. StringBuffer and StringBuilder
  13. Arrays in Java
  14. The Collection Framework
  15. JDBC
  16. Exception Handling
  17. Wrapper Classes
  18. Serialization in java
  19. Threads concept in java.
  20. Generic Types and Enum
  21. JUnit
  22. Design patterns and design questions related to your projects.

These all about to Core Java Interview Popular Topics. Post your comment or you can directly reach to us, if you are having any set of awesome questions which is missing here,
even if you have any doubt in questions.

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