Big Data Use Cases

Every industry has some use for big data. Use cases are as follows:

Power grids analyse large amounts of historical and weather forecasting data to forecast power consumption.

In the retail sector: Big Data can be used for liking product detection and market analysis. Whenever you do shopping on flipkart, Amazon, they shows some recommendation products or related product to you (They shows based on your previous search history)

In banking sector: Credit card companies can detect the fraud purchases so that they can alert customers. like you are swiping card in one city and the same card swiped another city just after 5 min but the city is 1000 km far away, so the system can predict that the this card could be fake.

banks analysis the private and public data of a customer to minimize risk to providing the loan to customer

In medical diagnostics: Doctors can diagnose a patient’s illness based on symptoms, instead of intuition.

Insurance companies use big data to minimise insurance risks.

Manufacturing units have sensors that generate GB of data every day, which are analysed to reduce risk of equipment failures.