How HashMap works internally

Do you know? How hashMap find the exact index from bucket for key value pair. Its very much important as we growing our carrier and Interviewers expect such details from you. But everyone says its find from hashCode but its not true, Suppose HashCode is 12000 means hashMap store the data at that location, How come its possible as hashMap can […]

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What is HashMap in Java

What is HashMap in Java? To better understand What is HashMap in Java, we should understand what a Map interface does in Java and also what is Hashing process Hashing Hashing is a process of generating a hash code or identification numbers based on Keys. Process of generating a fixed length unique number which actually represents the values (string of […]

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Work from home, Work with Indian Government and make money online

It’s an Indian Government initiative under Digital India program, as you know it’s a Government project we don’t need to think about the security and it’s offer zero investment with earn huge amount of money.   Do you know? 1. Without any money investment, You can earn around 24,000 per month and it can be increased based on our work. 2. Data entry […]

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