Java Convert String to Int

What we are going to learn ? Parsing methods in Java Convert String to Int [New] Using Java 8, Convert set of String to set of Int Parsing Methods in Java Convert String to Int In Java there are two methods to convert String to Int, they are. Integer.parseInt() Integer.valueOf() 1. Convert String to Int using Integer.parseInt() The Integer.parseInt() is […]

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Create Own Marker Interface in Java

Marker/Tagging Interface: It’s a kind of interface which has no method is known as marker interface. Serializable, Clonnable is the example of marker interface   Use of Marker Interface: Marker Interfaces are used to indicate something to compiler/JVM. If JVM see that a class is a object of Marker Interface then it will perform some special operation. Take an example […]

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How HashSet works internally

Let us understand why it is always the question How HashSet works internally instead of just “How HashSet works?”? The reason is when we ask “How HashSet works?” the answer is as simple as below A set is a well-defined collection of unique objects. A set will never contain duplicate elements. So HashSet does not allow any duplicates in its […]

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