Kafka vs Storm vs Flume vs RabbitMQ

Let’s Understand the comparison Between Kafka vs Storm vs Flume vs RabbitMQ.

Kafka v/s Storm

Apache Kafka and Storm has different framework, each one has its own usage.

Kafka v/s Storm

Kafka is used for storing stream of messages.Apache Storm is used for real-time computation.
It is invented by LinkedIn.It is Invented by Twitter.
Kafka is an open source.Storm is also an open source.
Apache Kafka is a Distributed messaging system.Apache Storm is a Real Time Message Processing system.
It is robust and queue in natureStorm is not a queue in nature.
It is message transferring unit.Storm is a computational unit.

Kafka v/s Flume

Kafka v/s Flume

Apache Kafka is multiple producers-consumers general-purpose tool.Apache Flume is a special-purpose tool for specific applications.
It replicates the events.It does not replicate the events.
Kafka support data streams for multiple applicationsFlume is specific for Hadoop and big data analysis.
Apache Kafka can process and monitor data in distributed systems.Apache Flume gathers data from distributed systems to a centralized data store.
Kafka supports large sets of publishers, subscribers and multiple applications.Flume supports a large set of source and destination types to land data on Hadoop.

Kafka v/s RabbitMQ

Kafka v/s RabbitMQ

Apache Kafka designed to handle online and batch consumers.

i.e it can handle 100k+ events per second.

RabbitMQ Not designed for large volume of consumers.

i.e it can handle 20k+ events per second.

Here data is shared and replicated.It provides less support for share and Replication.
Performance rate of Kafka is around 100,000 messages/second.Performance rate of RabbitMQ is around 20,000  messages/second.
It support order storage and delivery.It does not support for order storage and delivery
Kafka is high throughput with low latency.RabbitMQ does not support.
It does not support for Multiple Protocol.It support for Multiple protocol like AMQP and JMS.
Kafka is producer-centric, focused around partitioning.RabbitMQ is broker-centric, focused around delivery guarantees between producers and consumers

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