Apache Kafka Requirements

Let’s have a look on very essential need of Apache Kafka Requirements,

Why Kafka needed?

* Kafka is a unified platform for handling all the real-time data feeds.

* Kafka supports low latency message delivery and gives guarantee for fault tolerance in the presence of machine failures.

* It has the capacity to handle a large number of different consumers.

* Kafka is very fast, i.e performs up to 2 million writes/sec.

* It makes very efficient to transfer data from page cache to a network socket.

i.e It write all data into the page cache of the OS (RAM).

*  Kafka easily integrated with storm to form very well real time ecosystem.


Hundreds of sensors are placed around a machine to predit the health and failure of machine.

* Apache Kafka replace the traditional message brokers like JMS (java Message Service) and AMQP ( Advance Messahe Queuing Protocol) because of its higher throughput, reliability and replication.

* Kafka very easily integrated with Apache Spark and Hbase for real-time analysis and rendering of streaming data.

* It is very efficiently handle Geo-spatial data like sensor data from heating and cooling equipment in office buildings.

Below table Summarizes the Need of Kafka.

Need of Kafka