Learn Apache Hive

Why should Learn Apache Hive?


Apache Hive is very easier to learn, just basic knowledge of SQL is required. Apache Hive can be easily learn within a week with good practice. Apache Hive one of the famous tool for Big Data domain and demand for Big Data Developer along with Apache Hive is increasing day by day.

Who is the target audience?

Any one with Basic understanding of SQL and little bit of Hadoop / Big Data.

Topic’s for this Course.

Below are the topics which will help to learn Apache Hive

  1. Hive Introduction
    1. What is Apache Hive
    2. Problems addressed by Apache Hive
    3. Feature and limitation of Apache Hive
    4. Difference between Apache Hive and RDBMS
  2. Hive Architecture and its Modes
  3. Hive Data Types and Storages
  4. Overview of Hive Shell
  5. Apache Hive Commands
    1. DML commands along with Single Table and multiple table insertion.
    2. Hive Partition and Bucketing with Example
    3. Hive View and Index’s
  6. Hive Build in operators and UDF (user defined functions)
  7. Hive ETL (Extract Transfer and Load tool)
  8. Create and Drop Data in Hive using Java programming

That’s all about the Hive topic’s. Beyond Corner provides you to short and simple content for learning. You can contact us any time for any doubt, we will completely help you to learn Apache hive.

Beyond Corner will provide you the certificate for Apache Hive if you clear the on line Exam and most importantly exam learning and everything is free of cost. We are creating a platform of awesome tutorials. Let’s start learning.