Hbase Shell General Commands

Let’s study about HBase Shell General Commands.

HBase Shell

It is a shell mode (command line) interactive media, used to interact with HBase for table operations, table management, and data modeling.

* Hbase Shell uses the Hadoop File System to store its data. It has master server and region servers.

* Here data will be stored in the form of regions (tables). These regions will be split up and stored in region servers.

General Commands

1. hbase shell

This command is used to get into hbase shell terminal in hbase to execute shell commands to perform various data and table operations.


$hbase shell

2. Status

It provides the status of HBase, for example number of servers in the cluster, active server count, and average load value.



We can also pass some of the parameters along with status like ‘summary’, ‘simple’, or ‘detailed’ along with status to get detail information about hbase.


hbase(main)>status ‘simple’

hbase(main)>status ‘summary’

hbase(main)> status ‘detailed’

3. Version

It provides the present version of the hbase.


hbase(main)> version

4. whoami

It will provide information about the user and group information in hadoop environment.


hbase(main)> whoami

5. Table_help

It gives an idea of how to use table-referenced commands and also provide different HBase shell command usages and its syntax’s for the beginners.



Hbase has four different categories of commands, showed in the below diagram. In upcoming articles will study one by one.

“That’s all about the HBase Shell General Commands, this is the basic step before get into the Hbase hands-on article”.