Organizations using Hadoop

Do you know? Which organizations using Hadoop? Yahoo was the first company to design and developed the Apache Hadoop and Yahoo used Hadoop as a core part of their system operations.

Example: Hope you have visited the Yahoo.. website. They read your browser history and according to the history they show the ads on the website. That’s also known as analytics.

Nowadays, Internet companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,Google, Micorsoft, Adobe and many enterprise organizations are using Hadoop system’s for the analytics.

How and why are the Organizations using Hadoop?

They have very large big data infrastructure which is a combination of Hadoop and another database ( such as HBase, Spark etc). Below are the some examples of use cases.

  • Power Energy management : How much power consumption was increasing in year’s to year’s. With that help of that data it can analyze the requirement of power in this year.
  • eCommerce (Product recommendation system) : System read the browsing history from your computer and show you that products along with related to that which you are searching on other sites. Along with that system give you some attractive offers on that product so that you can buy quickly.
  • Infrastructure management or computer (node) failure prediction : On the basis of your system temperature, RAM – CPU usage, system can do prediction of the hardware failure

Note: The main five use cases of Bigdata are shown below.

Bigdata use cases


There are lot of other examples to explain you the use of Apache Hadoop. These above are the just basic examples. You will learn lot of real time example with practical work later.