Hadoop Single Node Multi Node cluster

Let’s study about  Hadoop Single Node Vs Multi Node cluster,

Single Node Vs Multi Node cluster

* Hadoop can be deployed in either in a single node cluster or multi node cluster.

* Hadoop installed on multi node cluster is more efficient.

* Multi node cluster in Hadoop is the power of utilising the distributed processing.

* In the single node cluster, all the necessary demons like NameNode, DataNode, Resource Manager, Node manager and Application master etc run on the same machine but different ports.

* Multi node cluster follows Master-Slave architecture. In multi node cluster (distributed mode), they run on different machines (master and slave).

* The replication factor is one in single node cluster. It can be installed in a single machine.

* The replication factor for multi node cluster will be more than one and it should be installed in more than one machine to satisfy the Master-Slave architecture.

* A single node cluster is basically used to test hadoop applications and simulate a full cluster like environment.

* In single node cluster HDFS is accessible, whereas in the Stand-alone mode HDFS is not accessible.

* Multi node cluster is basically used for full stack development of hadoop application and projects.