Apache Hadoop History

Apache Hadoop History

The Apache Hadoop History is very interesting and Apache hadoop was developed by Doug Cutting. Hadoop framework got its name from a child, at that time the child was just 2 year old. Apache Hadoop is the open source technology.

Behind the picture of the origin of Hadoop framework:
Doug Cutting, developed the hadoop framework. He is an advocate and creator of open source technologies. In 2004, Google published a paper on MapReduce, on top
of that Doug Cutting created a Hadoop framework. At that time Doug Cutting was working with Yahoo!, where he was leading hadoop framework project. After that he
moved to Cloudera. Now, Doug Cutting is a chairman and was elected to board of directors of Apache Software Foundation.

Now, question is How did hadoop got its name and logo?
Doug son’s, who is 2 year old, got a yellow elephant toy as a gift. His son’s was just beginning to talk and called first time H A D O O P to his yellow elephant toy and his son always called to his toy as “Hadoop”.

Cutting said “It’s a word that created by my son and I will save that for the right time”. That’s create the ‘Apache Hadoop History.’

Evolution of Hadoop

Hadoop history

Above picture summarize the evolution of Hadoop.

Video of How Hadoop got it’s name from by Doug Cutting, co-founder of Hadoop. Just 2 minutes video and it’s Awesome!

As a software engineer, We are always looking for the websites and software names and know that the naming of software and websites is not easy task.
Name of the software should be unique, meaning less and most importantly all the guys are looking for “the name of software should be easy to understand”.

If you want to know, why Apache Hadoop created, 3 min short and simple video by Doug Cutting co-founder of Apache Hadoop. This video will tell you the Apache Hadoop History.

That’s the interested journey of “Apache Hadoop History”, where the hadoop framework got its name from.