Applications and Features of Apache Flume

Let’s study about Applications and Features of Apache Flume.


Applications of Apache Flume

Some of the core applications of flume are,

* Apache Flume has a wide range of demand in e-commerce Company to analyze the customer behavior of different regions.

* The main design goal of flume is to ingest huge log data generated by application servers into HDFS at a higher speed.

* The main application of flume is online analytics.

* It is backbone for real-time event processing.

Features of Apache Flume

The Features of Apache Flume are as follows,

* Flume efficiently feed log data files from multiple web servers into a centralized store i.e HDFS or HBase.

* Flume is highly Distributed in nature i.e agents can be installed on many machine.

* Apache Flume is able to collect both real-time and batch mode data from multiple servers and immediately feed into Hadoop.

* Another important feature is import huge volumes of event data.

i.e instantaneous values produced by social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart.

* Flume supports following services,

1. Multi-hop flows

events travel through multiple agents before reaching the final destination.

2. Fan-in flows

data flow from many sources to one channel

3Fan-out flows

data flow from one source to multiple channels

4. Contextual routing

A channel sector allows a source to one or more channels from all the channels.

* It can be scaled horizontally i.e we can add more machine to transfer more events.

* It is manageable in nature i.e easy to install, configure, reconfigure and run.

* The Apache Flume is nicely integrated with Hadoop ecosystem.

i.e Various destinations like Hdfs,hbase

Various file formats like avro, sequence file.


That’s all about the applications and Features of Apache Flume, I hope Flume is a best technology to work with unstructured data and Streaming data.