Advantage and Disadvantage of Apache Flume

Let’s study about the core Advantage and Disadvantage of Apache Flume.

Advantage of Flume

The Following Core advantage of flume makes to choose this technology are listed below.

* It is mainly used to store the data into the centralized stores like HBase or HDFS.

* It is reliablesalable, fault tolerant and customizable for different sources and sinks.

* Flume provides a steady flow of data between read and write operations.

i.e When the rate of incoming data increases, then the rate at which data can be written to the destination is fast.

* Flume acts as a mediator between data producers and the centralized stores.

* It guarantees reliable message delivery (no loss of data between source and destination).

* flume feed online streaming data from various sources like network traffic, social media, email messages, and log files into HDFS.

* Highly salable in nature (scaled horizontally).

i.e we can add more machine to transfer more events.

* Supports multiple data flow like multiple-hop, fan-in, and fan-out.

* Provides built-in support for variety of source and destination systems.

Disadvantage of Flume

* Flume has complex topology.

i.e configuration and maintain is difficult.

* In Flume throughput depends on the backing store of the channel so scalability and       reliability in not up to the mark.

* It does not support for data replication.

* It does not guarantee 100% unique message delivery (duplicate messages might enter at any times).


Apache Flume has both Advantage and disadvantage, but Flume has some core advantages to choose this technology in real time online analytics.


“That’s all about the Advantage and disadvantage of Flume, weight of advantage is more compare to disadvantage so it’s remains as a better technology in bigdata”.