Traditional Technology VS Big Data Technology

  • Traditional technology uses storage technologies, like  SAN (Storage area over network like share drive), whereas big data technology uses distributed data with data redundancy.
  • Traditional technology uses highly parallel processors on a single machine, whereas big data technology uses distributed processing with multiple machines.
  • Traditional technology has a limit on scalability, whereas big data technology is highly scalable.

What is Scalability

Scalability is the ability of a program to scale. For example, if you can do something on a small database (say less than 1000 records), a program that is highly scalable would work well on a small set as well as working well on a large set (say millions, or billions of records).

Characteristics of Big Data Technology

  1. Big data technologies can process high volume of data
  2. It can response the high velocity of data
  3. It can process all kind of data, which can be un-structure or semi-structure.
  4. It can handle node failure
  5. It can analyse high variety of data.