Overview of Big Data

Overview of big data and What data is called big data ?

The Data has three main characteristics: Volume, Velocity, and Variety is known as Big Data.

Volume: The huge amount of data, ranging from GB to zettabytes. In other words, if the data is generating in very large amount.

Velocity:  The streaming of data and the generating of large volumes of data at high speed.

Variety:  If the data is generating in different different structure that called variety of data. It refers to managing the complexity of data in different structures, ranging from relational data to logs, raw text, xml files and sensor data etc.

more depth details of Volume, Velocity and Variety is provided in next section.


In addition, there are other Vs of Big Data which are not popular. These are veracity, visualisation, and value.

Veracity: It refers to the truthfulness of the generated data.

Visualisation: It refers to the presentation of data in a graphical, charts and other format.

Value: It refers to the derived value of an organisation data from using big data.