3 V’s in Big Data


It’s refers to data volume or you can say the size of digital data. The impact of Internet, Smart phones, Sensors, CCTV Cameras and social media etc, has resulted in the explosion of digital data. Data has grown from GB to TB to PB and so on.

As illustrated on the image, in 2014, the approx data on the Internet was five ZB and its reaching nearly 45 ZB by 2020

Above image source from internet


Refer to speed at which data is growing day by day. Now a days, most of the people are started using smartphones, tablet, desktop, laptop, CCTV for security and sensor etc.

  • Just every 60 second, you can imagine how much data is generating, just have a look of below image.

Due to the increase the customers, e commerce , transactions and etc the data created within an organisation is growing along with external data as well.
For an organisation, there are many contributors to this data growth, such as web, online billing systems, ERP implementations, machine data, network elements, and social media.

If the data is growing means that organisation is growing.


It’s refers to different types of data. Data includes text, images, audio, video, XML, and HTML.

There are three types of data:
1. Structured data:  where the data is represented in a tabular format. For example, MySQL databases.
2. Semi-structured data: where the data does not have a formal data model. For example, XML files.
3. Unstructured data: where there is no predefined data model. Everything is defined at run time. For example, text files, log files and sensor / satellite data

Please spend some time with below to understand the variety of data